Adoption Process, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Importing a dog to Saudi Arabia has been never easier! With Euro Puppy's 10 years experience you can be certain of getting a high quality, pure bred puppy with the simplest adoption process possible. Adopt one of our European puppies & dogs for sale in Saudi Arabia.

  1. Select the puppy you'd like to buy. 

  2. Once you have selected the puppy, you can reserve it online using the "Reserve now" button on the puppy's profile page or bank wire the deposit. Please contact your sales representative for banking information. 

  3. Schedule a date for the arrival of your puppy with your sales person. If you have to wait until your puppy is old enough to travel, we will keep you up-to-date with photos and information on your pup's development in the meantime. 

  4. You are required to pay in full as no flight bookings are not made until balance is settled in full.

  5. Receive documents we prepare for you (pet passport, health certificate) 6 working days prior to departure.  

  6. Apply for import permit. 

  7. We send you the flight information 4-5 days prior to arrival via email. 

  8. Confirm the flight to the airline (contact info in email). Airlines will only ship a puppy if they know someone is waiting for them. 

  9. Go to the airport to pick your puppy up

  10. Take your puppy to a licensed vet within two business days of arrival. Let us know how everything went. 

  11. Allow up to 6 months for the pedigree to arrive. Feel free to ask your sales person of the progress anytime, but do not be afraid of not getting it. It's only a matter of time. 

  12. Stay in touch with us, send photos of your puppy, find us on Facebook and Twitter.